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5.2 New Workloads

Defining new workloads is relatively simple—all that is strictly required is that you have a program that executes the workload and measures it somehow. However, to fit into the Auto-pilot analysis infrastructure you should keep in mind the following points:

You should include commonsettings so that you can use ap_measure.You should use ap_measure so that you can process the results easily with Getstats. You should measure each component of your benchmark separately (e.g., a compilation should separately measure ./configure and make).

We have found that reusing benchmark scripts is very useful, but each project often needs small changes. Originally, these changes resulted in several incarnations of each script (one for each project); and maintenance became very difficult. Therefore, we suggest that you design your scripts in such a way that they can be extended for specific projects without forks.

Make as much of your benchmark configurable with environment variables as possible. Use a function like set_default so that you do not need to define every configuration option in your Auto-pilot configuration. This achieves a reasonable balance between avoiding modifications to the benchmark script, and making it easy to use.

Insert hooks liberally into your script when environment variables are not sufficient to allow extensibility. This again helps to avoid modifications to your script.