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8 Conclusions

The main contribution of our work is demonstrating that SCAs can be used effectively and transparently with stackable file systems. Our performance overhead is small and running these algorithms in the kernel improves performance considerably. File systems with support for SCAs can offer new services automatically and transparently to applications without having to change these applications or run them differently. Our templates provide support for generic SCAs, allowing developers to write new file systems easily.

Stackable file systems also offer portability across different file systems. File systems built with our SCA support can work on top of any other file system. In addition, we have done this work in the context of our FiST language, allowing rapid development of SCA-based file systems on multiple platforms [ZadokZadok2001,Zadok and NiehZadok and Nieh2000].

Erez Zadok 2001-10-06