List of FSL FUSE Git repositories

This page contains supporting material for "To FUSE or Not to FUSE: Performance of User-Space File Systems" paper by Bharath Kumar Reddy Vangoor, Vasily Tarasov, and Erez Zadok published in the USENIX FAST 2017 conference.

As part of the FUSE performance study, we implemented the following items:
  1. To study the FUSE design and implementation, we implemented a simple Stackable File System (StackFS) using FUSE using low-level API. The code is published at the following location (git repo):
    This repository also contains the following additional information:
  2. To know the runtime statistics of FUSE we instrumented the FUSE kernel code and FUSE library to collect the histograms of time that each request spends at different stages (e.g., in different FUSE queues). We also added traces (only in kernel) to learn the detailed code flow. Instrumentation for kernel is available at:
    under "fuse_kernel_instrumentation" branch.

  3. Instrumentation added to FUSE library is available at:
    under "fuse_lib_instrumentation" branch.

This project is conducted in the Stony Brook Filesystems and Storage Lab (FSL).

(Last updated: 2016-12-28)