FSL Sponsor Abstract: HP/Intel

Stony Brook University was one of 40 universities worldwide to receive a new, high-speed, high-performance computing system. This is gift number 87128.

The HP/Intel Itanium-Based Systems Grant Program is a $2.5 million joint effort by Hewlett-Packard Company and Intel Corporation. The grant includes Hewlett-Packard servers and workstations with the new Intel Itanium processor. The Itanium architecture, which was co-developed by HP and Intel, is considered a next-generation processor. The Itanium-based systems offer significant advances in speed and performance.

This project focuses on two aspects of commodity operating systems such as Linux: (1) evaluate and improve the scalability of routers and firewalls, and (2) test the reliability of file systems and VM systems. The research is conducted at the File-systems and Storage Laboratory (FSL) at Stony Brook, under the directorship of Dr. Zadok. FSL and the PI conduct research on general topics in operating systems, with a focus on file systems, storage, networking, and security.